Glass Industry Customers 

We are at service of glass industry customers and users of glass products e.g. pharmaceutical industry, food & beverage industry, breweries, end users dealing with glass quality problems, ...

Glass characteristics, glass quality, glass failure and glass defects trouble-shooting:

Whether you are using float glass, container glass, fibre, tableware or special glass types, we can help you solving your problems using our expertise and knowledge about glass defects, chemical compositions of different glass types, chemical and physical characteristics of glass, colour definitions, etc.

Bottles and jars quality control, critical defects - audit

We can do research on specific glass technology topics. E.g. we can help breweries in optimizing their glass colour for a better light protection, blocking the riboflavin light absorption and/or to block UV wavelengths or we can assist pharmaceutical companies improving the chemical durability of their glass packaging.

Glass technology services container glass:

Glass is a unique packaging material: it’s a natural, appealing material, inexpensive, reusable, recyclable and environmentally safe. It will never affect the taste or smell of your quality product. Multiple colour variation possibilities and numerous containers design possibilities give your product the ultimate attractiveness it deserves.

However glass is heavy and it breaks. Both characteristics are linked in a quite complex way. Lightweight container glass does not necessarily implicate an increased risk for failures. Reducing weight of your bottles or jars, reducing breakge risk? Troubles with your glass colour, chemical durability, scuffing, ...? Dealing with defects in your float glass products e.g. anisotropy, cords, NiS inclusions, thermal stress, breakage,...? We will advise and help you with any glass product related problem.   ?Read more...

Glass packaging quality control:

All food-& beverage companies and pharmaceutical companies, highly concerned about the quality of their products, are well aware of the possible quality risks of glass packaging and their often catastrophic consequences: product recall, production losses, damage claims, ...

Folloup of the quality of a glass prouction run

As a 'simple' acceptance quality control of glass containers cannot guarantee a perfect container glass quality, close follow-up of the technology level and the performance of your container glass supplier is highly recommended. Thanks to our vast 'insider' know-how on the container glass manufacturing side, we are in a unique position to help you with a detailed process and quality control at the glass plant during the production of your glass containers/bottles. We also perform complete glass manufacturing plant audits, glass production and glass quality audits of your glass container supplier(s).

Using our glass technology experiences, our flexibility and independence, there are many possibilities of collaboration and opportunities to take full advantage of all freelance collaboration benefits and project results including quality, production improvement and cost reduction.

Let’s create a win-win situation!

Glass courses and training:

For an effective glass supplier follow-up, a detailed elaboration of quality specifications and quality inspections, fundamental knowledge and very good understanding of the glass production process is needed. In our courses we explain you in detail all important 'insider' knowledge of the container glass production and glass packaging characteristics.

GEM-Projects can deliver on-site training courses such as a one day 'Glass technology essentials' course or develop further courses which tailor the content specifically to your needs and objectives.   ?Read more...

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