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As a 100% independent consulting company, we help glass manufacturers, food & beverage (packaging) industry, pharmaceutical industry and all other users of (all kind) of glass products to identify their glass quality problems & defects, the causes of their glass breakage and/or conformity of the glass products to their specifications.

Being 'at home' in the container glass plant, we are able to go far beyond a simple conformity check and statistical quality control of a glass production lot. In a typical 'glass products quality project' we assist and/or represent e.g. a brewery at the glass plant to manufacture the concerned bottles according their high level quality standards (which may be quite different from local standards). Using our expertise and experiences, we will always go 'upstream' the glass production process to identify the weaknesses, to reduce the quality failure risks and to assist the glass manufacturer in improving the glass quality and the QC of the production run. Using our own no-nonsense approach, these missions typically consist of multiple actions levels. The first level, being our own independent, additional quality assurance of the concerned production run, has the highest priority. Aside these QC results, the final report always contains an extended list of recommendations for an improved efficiency, a better glass quality and a more efficient, accurate quality control.

Using our glass technology knowledge and expertise, we offer a broad range of consultancy and 100% independent expert witness services on glass quality, quality failures, glass breakage and glass defects of all different types of glass products.

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