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"Knowledge not shared is knowledge wasted". We are pleased to share with you our glass technology knowledge and our vast practical experiences.

5 great reasons why you should choose GEM-Projects for glass technology training:

✔ Our courses are based upon our profound glass technology knowledge and, even more important, based upon our vast +30 years of practical experience in glass chemistry, glass melting and glass forming.
✔ GEM-Projects is a 100% independent glass technology service provider: no hidden agenda promoting or selling software, measuring devices or equipment.
✔ We offer a wide range of unique, live e-learning courses, including courses for glass industry suppliers and food & beverage industry using glass packaging.
✔ Our courses are custom made, cost and time effective courses, perfectly adapted to the needs, education level and experience of the participants.
✔ As a small company, we offer a high degree of flexibility: content, duration, on-site or e-learning, ...You decide and choose your best option!

A comprehensive range of courses and training programs:

Depending on the needs and wishes of your company or organisation, GEM-Projects can deliver on-site training courses such as a one day 'Glass technology essentials' course or develop further courses which tailor the content specifically to your needs, covering topics as

Glass production interaction scheme - Glass chemistry and glass physics; key properties: viscosity, crystallisation behaviour, strength, optical properties, ....
- Raw materials and batch calculations; batch mixing and handling.
- Glass melting, glass furnaces, furnace operation and control.
- Glass forming process.
- Hot-end and cold-end surface treatment; annealing.
- Cold-end operation, glass defects and glass quality.
- Glass recycling, cullet quality and environmental issues.
- Glass packaging for pharmaceutical industry and food & beverage industry.

Some examples of courses are:

E.g. for glass industry managers, investors, ...: a 'glass manufacturing essentials' course about the most important aspects of e.g. batch cost optimisation, furnace energy cost, product quality, glass plant organisation (container glass) and glass forming productivity.

E.g. for IS-machine operators and forming process experts: a fundamental glass technology training on the forming process (of container glass, tableware, ...) and the glass physical characteristics; obviously focusing on viscosity characteristics and the relation with fabrication parameters (e.g. gob temperature, machine speed, ... ) and glass defects. As the forming process is a major factor determining the production efficiency and quality level of your glass plant, the fabrication team must have a very good understanding of the relation between the glass chemistry and viscosity and a fundamental understanding of the relation between forming parameters, i.e. their controls, and viscosity. The combination of this important knowledge and the skills & practical experience of the forming team is needed for glass defects trouble-shooting and continuous improvement of the efficiency and quality of the forming process.

E.g. for the glass technologist: a practical training in development and use of a batch calculation program (with option of using open source software - no need to buy any program; for more info click on the "Free Utilities - Tools" button on our "Home" page). Explanation and calculation of all major physical and chemical characteristics of the resulting glass composition are included. Learn how to optimise your batch formula taking into account all major factors (i.e. cost and glass characteristics) using your own open source software.

E.g. for a food and beverage company needing a glass supplier follow-up program: a course discussing the glass packaging production process, glass characteristics like strength, stress, thermal shock and breakage, glass quality and quality assurance. We'll explain in a very effective, 100% independent way all important 'insider' knowledge you need to know about you glass packaging.

Our courses are always spiced with examples from practice and valuable hints and tips, which greatly enhance the effectiveness of the training. Based upon the main objectives, the content of the courses will always be adapted according the functional needs, experience and education level of the participants.

In-house training at your company or an interactive e-learning experience?

We usually bring our training courses to you. In-house training gives us the opportunity to tailor the course and concentrate on the specific issues you and/or your collaborators are interested in. Actual problems and your unique situation e.g. your actual glass quality issues, glass chemistry, operational cost, ... can be discussed during the training sessions. So, we will spend most time on the areas where you feel there will be most benefit for the participants and for your company. Glass technology course

GEM-Projects also offers time and cost effective on-line training programs. These live courses are perfectly suitable for someone interested in a personal training course, having numerous questions about a specific issue. Examples of items that can be discussed during a 1 to 4 hours live on-line e-learning course are e.g. glass composition, batch calculations, glass colour and colour measurement, redox, glass melting and fining, furnace operation, glass defects, glass strength & breakage. The content of an on-line course is shared in real time (streaming of presentations, spreadsheet calculations, graphs,...) together with a live discussion.

All training courses are available in English, French or Dutch.

Take right now this unique opportunity to learn from our +30 years glass technology knowledge and worldwide practical experiences.

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