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Geert Jacobs GEM-Projects

Scientific knowledge in practice GEM-Projects: 1/11/2004 - now

1/11/2004: ° GEM-Projects. My Decision to start GEM-Projects was based on a long held dream of being able to do the work that I love and at the same time serve others...

Scientific knowledge TNO Glassgroup: 15/04/2001 - 31/10/2004

Project leader at TNO Glassgroup in Eindhoven The Netherlands. R&D-projects for container, float, fibre, tableware, TV-panel, crystal, insulation wool, foam glass, and water glass industry. Projects about modelling of glass furnaces and feeders, time transient simulations of glass furnaces, energy benchmarking of glass furnaces (Kyoto-protocol), glass melting and fining lab-experiments, ...etc. Interesting experiences in project management and scientific research with plenty of contacts with leading (glass) companies worldwide.

Practice Verlipack & La Manufacture du Verre: 1/1/1987 – 30/3/2001

Verlipack and Verlipack Engineering Belgium: glass technologist for the glass plants in Mol, Jumet and Ghlin. Vast practical experience in glass chemistry, raw materials, high cullet ratio batches, furnace control, energy efficiency optimisation, colour changeover, glass quality, glass defects, process diagnosis & analysis, glass production trouble-shooting, ... Since 22/01/1999 (Verlipack went bankrupt in January 1999) involved in the take-over and restart of the plant in Ghlin by new investors. Glass technologist and quality manager of ‘La Manufacture du Verre’ in Ghlin.

Science Education (1982-1986 1990-1992) & courses:
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