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Using our glass chemistry knowledge combined with our practical experience with glass melting, we help you optimizing your glass production process and improving your glass quality. E.g. we assist container and float glass manufacturers in colour change over optimisation on their melting furnace, we help you improving your glass (melt) characteristics (e.g. colour, chemical durability, viscosity,...) or we develop your new glass product (e.g. boron free, lead free, ...).

Glass colour changes are real challenges, requiring a maximum of experience and expertise in both furnace operation & control and glass chemistry & physics. During a colour change, two different glasses, often not compatible (e.g. different redox states) are mixed in your melting furnace. There is a high risk that the combination of a very high pull (needed for a fast colour change) and changing glass characteristics will cause fundamental changes in furnace glass melt flow and melting reactions, resulting in a very strong glass quality degradation, as numerous defects like cords, seeds and blisters will be generated. Once blocked in this situation, it will be extremely difficult and frustratingly time consuming, taking a few days to several weeks, to regain your high quality glass production.

As we performed dozens of complex colour changes in the past, we developed detailed colour change procedures based upon objectives of optimising the transition time and minimising your production losses. We offer you our high value expertise and extra experiences at a cost that is completely negligible compared to the financial losses that can be caused by a failed colour change.

Colour change from flint to cobalt blue.   Projects e.g.

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