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The complex processes in your glass furnaces will determine your glass quality, energy consumption ( >10% of the total production cost), waste gas emissions (CO2, NOx, ...) and furnace lifetime. We offer you our knowledge and practical experiences with dozens of glass furnaces from all over the world to optimise your melting, fining, homogenisation and conditioning processes.

In a typical energy efficiency audit of your furnace(s), we answer your fundamental questions like: do I have a poor, mediocre or excellent melting energy efficiency? And, if a poor or mediocre result, what are the actions to take (right now) to decrease the energy consumption? Our answers are always based on a detailed study of your specific situation including key parameters like furnace design, batch composition (e.g. % cullet), specific pull (changes), combustion settings, furnace age & refractory wear, glass melt characteristics and (desired) glass quality.

As we are completely independent, not selling software, products or glass melting equipment, we can offer you a 100% independent and honest assessment of your furnace design, actual furnace state and glass melting and fining performance.

Interested in improving your melting process? We offer you our experiences and vast know-how from dozens of glass melting troubleshooting projects from all over the world.

Quarz, the basic component of soda lime glass.   Projects e.g.

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